When you’re prepping for your engagement session, there are a few things to keep in mind. This is supposed to be FUN! This is the shoot with no pressure. Your engagement session is your chance to get to know us, get comfortable with how we work and be yourselves in front of the camera. It is so helpful to have an engagement session before the big day so that you know what to expect. By your wedding day, it will be like friends showing up to take your picture. Here are some steps to take to make sure that you’re prepared for your engagement session:

Outfits: One outfit or two, your pick! We will capture of a variety of beautiful shots no matter. The best advice we can give about outfit selection would be to try to coordinate instead of matching. Try to stay away from really tiny patterns, small checkered, large logos and pinstripes. However, bold jewelry, scarves, and colored shoes photograph really well. Make sure you look like you and feel comfortable! Click below to view.

Relax: We are a down to earth and highly experienced photography team. We want to make sure your session is fun and brings out your true personalities. We work as a team to find the best light, best angles, and best spots during your session. We guide, but we want you to be you! So just have fun, be yourselves, we got you!

Location and Time: The best time to shoot any portraits is normally two hours after sunrise or two hours before sunset. This rule of thumb can be applied to any time of the year. When it comes to picking the location for your portraits, let us know of a favorite spot to you both! If we can make it happen, we will!


Hair, Makeup & Ring Cleaner: We highly recommend scheduling your hair and makeup trial the day of your engagement session. Guys get your haircut and trim your beards. If you do your own makeup, apply your eye makeup a little heavier than normal. You, with oomph! Last but not least, we will be taking close up shots of your ring and fingers, so polish up baby!